WSC Italian Night & Fall Annual Meeting


A sell-out crowd at Tuckahoe Clubhouse came out for the Wintergreen Sporting Club's annual meeting on Saturday, October 28, 2017. A big reason for the good turnout was no doubt due to the WSC social group's Italian dinner, lead by Judy Rendich with able assistance from Carol Dworin, Pat and Stu Harvey, Odette Henderson, Mary Jean Tani, Mimi and Ron Soltau, and others.  See more on the meeting HERE.


John Tani is President of the Wintergreen Sporting Club and a lead in the Shooting Group.

"2017 has been an exciting year for the Wintergreen Sporting Club," notes John.

"We have grown to 205 active members; a new exciting interest group, Biking, was added in June and we stand in excellent financial condition. The hard work that makes all of this possible is due to both the leads of each group and the willingness of our members to engage and embrace our planned activities.

"The goals and mission of our club remains firm: to bring together members of our community to enjoy the company of each other in activities that build new friendships, strengthens existing ones and encourages teaching new skills and wellness; to keep bureaucracy to a minimum, with affordable fees, and to be financially sound to enable growth via social gatherings.

"Our club will continue to grow with the infusion of new members. This year the term of office of our current secretary, Stu Harvey, ended and Dr. Robin Pullen was elected to replace him. We welcome her and are excited at the talent she brings to the club. We thank Stu for his help and wise counsel during his term."