Ride Report: Two-day trip to explore historic Tidewater area

We came. We rode. We enjoyed.

On October 3, 2017 we rode in the Yorktown and Jamestown National Historic Parks. Who knew there were such great loop roads in those places?*

Under a bright, sunny sky, we were able to cycle in two beautiful locations that gave us nice vistas of fields, woods, streams, marshes, and ponds, as well as the York and James Rivers. And, as and when we chose to do so, we paused to take in many of the historic markers along the way to remind us of what took place there so long ago.

Late in the day, we took the Jamestown Ferry to get to our overnight destination in Smithfield. There, we enjoyed good accommodations and two good meals at Smithfield Station (our evening dinner and next day breakfast). For the trip finale on Wednesday (October 4), we went on an after-breakfast hike under one more bright, sunny sky. The highly-rated Windsor Castle Park Trail delivered the scenic views too.

We had great rides and a beautiful hike on two perfect October days. What could be better? Only the camaraderie on this outing! Thanks to all for making this so enjoyable.

*Fortunately, our trip organizer, Dennis Bryant, knew. Thanks, once more, to him for putting this outing together.