The Wintergreen Sporting Club’s archery group works with two of the major types of bows–recurve and compound. 

The archery volunteers' efforts are easy to see. There is an archery range (10-50 yards) at the Wintergreen Property Owners Associations’ tennis court/swimming pool complex at Rodes Farm. There is also a field archery trail on 5 acres of WPOA property at the end of Old Stoney Creek Road.

In field archery, instead of shooting from a fixed distance at a row of targets, archers rove through a wooded area shooting at targets of different sizes and at varying distances anywhere from 10 to 50 yards. The Old Stoney Creek Road field trail now has eight stations and could expand to 14 target lanes on a half-mile loop.

Both the club's target range and the field trail were designed and built by WSC archery volunteers eager to bring more people to the sport. The group meets weekly in the spring, summer and fall. Members new to the sport are welcomed.

Questions, suggestions or to volunteer to lead a program or work on the fields, members can email

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