The Wintergreen Sporting Club's field archery trail was put into action during the summer of 2016 with seven stations on five mountainous acres of WPOA property at the very end of Old Stoney Creek Road (about a half-mile beyond the yellow steel gate; turn on Route 751 off Route 151 south of Nellysford). The course was refined during its first year in operation and in the spring of 2017 a crew of volunteers installed new permanent signage, made the site more user-friendly and the first annual event schedule was set.

The course, laid-out and built by WSC volunteers, is a rocky half-mile loop trail through deep woods. The plan is to eventually have 14 lanes.

Club members using the field archery course should either be part of an event or make an appointment via the WSC archery group leadership. (The target course at Rodes Farm is open to all members at all times.)

There are practical and safety reasons for this restriction. The final half-mile of the road to the course is behind WPOA's yellow steel gate that requires a key (or a half-mile hike) to access.

Also, because this rugged trail is somewhat isolated, it's best if users not go it alone, or at least check in and out with someone. (There is cellphone coverage in the area, however.) Email to arrange access, etc.

The Seven Stations

The field course is beautiful with decades-old trees providing deep shade in the summer. Much of the mountain trail is very rocky, however. Parts of the upper loop portion require extra care to maintain footing because of the slope. Be careful.

  • Station One: 30 feet (10 yards)
  • Station Two:  30 feet (10 yards)
  • Station Three: 60 feet (20 yards) Note: Arrow retrieval lane beside shooting position
  • Station Four: 45 feet (15 yards) 
  • Station Five: 60 feet (20 yards) Note: Shooting position uphill of path
  • Station Six: 60 feet (20 yards) Note: Arrow retrieval lane beside shooting position
  • Station Seven: 45 feet (15 yards)

Stations one through six have archers shooting downhill, Station Seven has the archer shooting uphill. Each station is different in terms of terrain, footing, and foliage.

Several of the first seven stations on the course are plenty challenging, but some have been established for intermediate and beginning field archers.

WSC's development plan for the entire course is to eventually install seven additional lanes on the upper loop of the trail for more advanced archers.

"Field archery involves shooting at targets of varying and often unmarked distance, typically in woodland and rough terrain."-From Wikipedia