The WSC cycling group has three primary goals: 

  • to encourage safe and healthy cycling for members at all ages and abilities; 
  • to provide opportunities for members to organize and participate in group rides; and 
  • to create another place in the Sporting Club where friendships can form and grow.

Cyclists became the fifth Wintergreen Sporting Club interest group in the summer of 2017. The group does what's called recreational cycling. The rides are not competitive. While the riders wear helmets and sunglasses, the biking riders' clothing is more likely to be loose t-shirts rather than tight Spanx with sponsors' logos. (Although that sub-group might evolve.) The only equipment required is a bike and a helmet.

Being able to share ideas and experiences about different bikes and equipment is one benefit from the group. Hybrid "road" bikes are choice many of the riders, although mountain bikes, geared to handle the hills, are used as well.

Riding as a group, the pace is usually moderate where conversation is possible. A "short" ride is about two hours or less. A typical ride for the club may be three hours and more, riding about 12 mph. (Covering a 40-mile+/- loop in about four hours, with plenty of breaks for snacks and talking, would be typical.) Later on multi-day vacation bike trips may be planned by the group.

One goal of the biking group is to work together to find fun and interesting riding venues to enjoy as a group. A great ride would offer a safe road or trail with options such as scenic views, a place to try wines or beers, an interesting restaurant for lunch, or a site for a picnic.  To learn more, sign up for the biking group's free emails HERE, checking "biking" on the interest areas. 


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