Wintergreen Sporting Club Contacts

Wintergreen Sporting Club
321 Sawmill Creek Drive
Wintergreen, VA 22958

Ron Cote’, President

Robin Pullen, Secretary

Jerry Gress, Treasurer

The roles of each officer are:

WSC President

  • Represents club on external issues and with external parties (such as WPOA);

  • Coordinates activities between interest groups;

  • Sustains club cohesion;

  • Oversees activities common to the general membership, such as general meetings; and

  • Chairs meetings of the club’s executive leadership

WSC Secretary

  • Maintains club website

  • Coordinates, directs and produces club communications and outreach

  • Oversees the public face of the club (through the internet and in public communications)

  • Records the official minutes of formal club meetings

WSC Treasurer

  • Collects and manages all club revenue

  • Pays all club financial obligations

  • Manages membership renewals

  • Maintains general membership and interest group lists


• Michael Capps,
David Proctor,


• Robert Browne,
Dennis & Sally Bryant,


• Charles Batchelor & Richard Elder,


• Bruce Henderson,


Ron Cote',
Jim White,

Charles Schulte,
John Tani,

Social Committee

• Robin Pullen,