Trout in Trout Pond, Bass in Smallie Pond

From Darryl Brewer:

I spent the week at Wintergreen and was able to dedicate some time at Trout Pond. I was last there in early March when the water temp was significantly colder so I was a bit worried about how the trout were holding up in the pond.

Last Wednesday I took my kids to the pond for a some fly fishing. The bite was off as the sun was shining brightly. We were able to get a couple of nibbles on Salmon egg imitations but the bites were sluggish. 

I returned early the next morning under cloudy skies and cooler temps and landed about two dozen trout on the fly rod, mostly using a beadhead, black woolybugger.

I also got in an hour on friday before the rains came and caught another 5. There seems to still be a lot of trout left in the pond, hopefully people will start harvesting before it get too warm. In three days of fishing I saw one other fisherman.

I also was able to visit the Smallie Pond again and did well there. Lots of smaller bass in there. I have yet to catch anything of size in that pond.