Pistol & Rifle Program for 2018

The WSC pistol and rifle program is designed to help interested members become familiar with, or more proficient in, the safe handling and shooting of firearms–and socialize with like-minded individuals. Events are open to all WSC members, regardless of experience. 

The group leads offer informational sessions within the Wintergreen community and range outings to numerous venues. Look for announcements regarding upcoming sessions and outings. Announcements are sent via email to all shoot group members at least five days in advance. Each event will be confirmed after there is sufficient group member interest.

To receive emails on events, sign up the club’s free email newsletters and check “shooting-pistol" or rifle. Participants will be emailed additional details when they sign up for an event. For example, for range outings each participant will receive a complete list of things to bring, range safety rules, etc.

If you are new to shooting sports, the group will offer tips to help make your first range outing a positive one. You will need (1) a gun to shoot; (2) ammunition to shoot it with; (3) protective glasses; (4) ear protection; and (5) a willingness to learn & have fun.  Email firearms@wtgsportingclub.org if you have questions. 

WSC uses both indoor and outdoor ranges. Please note that, unless otherwise noted in the applicable invitation, range time is free of charge and indoor ranges are for handguns and pistol caliber rifles only (eg; .22lr; 9mm; 40 S&W; 45ACP). 

The two primary ranges are the Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club and the Hite Hollow Range.

The Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club is a private club located in Albemarle County, just southwest of Charlottesville.  RRPC has indoor and outdoor ranges. As RRPC members, the group leads must limit the number of participants for RRPC range outings in accordance with RRPC guest policy.  Register early if interested in joining WSC at the RRPC.  Please note that WSC and RRPC are not affiliated. To shoot at RRPC you must be a member of RRPC or a guest of an RRPC member. These events are coordinated using the online signup form here.

When visiting RRPC the WSC group typically leaves Wintergreen at 10 am, often carpooling. After shooting for about two hours the group gathers for lunch at a restaurant on the way back to Wintergreen.

The Hite Hollow Range is an outdoor pistol and rifle range located West of Staunton, in the George Washington National Forest–approximately 54 miles from Wintergreen. The facility is open to the public and managed by the US Forest Service.  Please note that we do not bring shotguns to this range.

More on the shooting ranges HERE

The Rifle & Pistol Group started its 2018 regular shooting sessions on March 19th. 

The plan is to host regular monthly shooting events on the first and third Mondays of the month.

Typically, the group meets in the Stoney Creek Golf Club parking lot at 10 AM sharp to carpool to the shooting venue. The group will stop for lunch on the way back from the shooting venue.

Note that informational sessions, and additional range events at Hite Hollow, RRPC, and other venues, will be announced via email. Details on each event are provided in invitations sent for each of the events.

Interested? Join WSC and then get involved by emailing firearms@wtgsportingclub.org