Moorman's River Special Regs Update

via WSC's Mike Fisher
by James "Chubby" Damron,
President -Thomas Jefferson Chapter of Trout Unlimited

The Moorman River’s Special Regs section (off of Route 614, beginning at the base of the stilling pond wall below Sugar Hollow Reservoir and extends downstream about three-quarter of a mile) still has good numbers of trout holding over mainly in the large pools with a scattered trout here and there in other areas.

Since the first of the year flows have been low and slow with a few exceptions. The trout are, as usual, feeding mainly on midges making them quite picky when flows are down. The fishing is great though as it's quite a great fishery out there in the cold months when the trout are keyed on these little insects. 

In the Flat Pool and Guardrail Pool these holdover trout, along with a few wild ones, line up in the seams and feed on emerging midges through the day and they can be quite wary and tough to fool.

It’s fun and challenging fishing. It that takes patience to be successful and although the trout are keyed on some very small bugs you can get away with larger patterns at times; the drift is the key.

It can be seemingly impossible to get a take. If you keep at it, pick on the right trout and work on reading the seams, and are making a good presentations you'll get them to eat.

There are mainly Rainbows in the section with a few Brook Trout. They both are keyed on the midges that are in constant supply and either feeding on drifting larval and or emergers. The trout seen rising are taking emergers, in most cases only taking a fly presented as they see the naturals. They're so small we have a hard time seeing what the trout see in their world in our efforts to imitate it.

Again, fun, challenging winter fishing with pretty, smart holdover /naturalized/wild Rainbows– something not found in many places in this part of the state. We'll be stocking again soon and we'll send out a notice. Moorman's Permits are available for $45 to support the Moorman's Program and other events–send your request to us via email to