WPOA Chief salutes club's efforts

In his comments at the Wintergreen Property Owners' Association annual meeting, retiring executive director Russell Otis recommended that property owners check out the WSC's programs, then went on to note:

"WPOA has tried to provide assistance in areas where the Wintergreen Sporting Club is serving our property owners directly. Perhaps our most important collaboration to date has been our partial sponsorship of a study on the ponds in Stoney Creek.

"This study was conducted for the club by Professor Tom Shahady and a group of his graduate students from Lynchburg College over a two year period.

"The findings have been a great benefit to WPOA in assisting us with technical guidance to managing these ponds for water quality and aesthetic value as well as overall pond health.

"If this work leads to improved fishing as expected, then that is a great side benefit. We have just installed aerators in our trout pond. We will look first to see how we can implement measures recommended by the study and then look to expanding further studies over time."

Russell Otis

Russell Otis

Read the 2015 study on Stoney Creek's ponds HERE.