Wintergreen Sporting Club has a busy week coming up

Dave Scheve

Dave Scheve

• This afternoon (July 14) at 2 pm the archery group will be shooting on their range in the woods on the mountainside. Learn more here.
• On Monday, (July 15) members of the club's pistol and rifle group have a practice. See the details.
• On Tuesday (July 16) the archery group meets at their range at Rodes Farm at 9 am for their weekly practice and coaching.
• Also on Tuesday, the WSC biking group will be riding the Virginia Capital Trail, see their plans here.
Note: Several biking ladies here are now looking to do short rides together around Stoney Creek. Interested? Sign up for the club's free emails HERE & check "biking."
• Then, on Wednesday morning (July 17), there will be a special boating group event on Lake Monacan with Wintergreen Adaptive Sports' Dave Shreve (right) offering tips on kayaking. The community is welcome to come out to Lake Monacan from 10 am to noon and hear about kayaking, enjoy a cool drink, find out about the sporting club, and see how the resort has improved the views of their lake in Stoney Creek.
• Also, just a few steps away from Lake Monocan is the stocked trout pond, managed by WPOA and the WSC's fishing group . See the details about all of Wintergreen's fishing ponds here.