Spring 2019 Dinner Meeting -Secretary's Report

Spring 2019 Dinner Meeting
March 30, 2019, Tuckahoe Clubhouse

Meeting was called to order by President Ron Cote at 5:17 PM.

Ron asked for new members to raise their hands then asked the membership to introduce themselves to the new members.

To start it was announced that the bandanas at the tables and the wine glasses at the beverage stand were free to take home.

The secretary, Robin Pullen, was asked to review the minutes of the last meeting. It had been announced in a prior email that the minutes were to be reviewed on the website before the meeting. Any additions or corrections were asked for. There were none. A motion was asked for and seconded that the minutes be approved. There was unanimous agreement to approve the minutes.

The treasurers report was given by Treasurer Bruce Henderson. The average number of paid members is between 180 to 200. As of today, we have 191 paid members. The 2019 beginning balance was $8772.82. After groups costs, marketing materials and dinner meeting expenses the balance is $7981.29. A motion was made and seconded to approve the treasurers report. There was unanimous agreement to approve the report.

Ron announced that Jerry Gress would be finishing out the remainder of Bruce’s term as treasurer.

As a parting gift to Bruce, he was presented with a cake, certificate of appreciation, a mug in the shape of a bobber, a thank you card from the membership and a member card that expires in 2099.

Messages from the president:
WSC hats are on sale today for $10, our cost. After today refer to the website for how to buy a hat,

It was announced that the bylaws need updating. In the spring, revised by-laws will be available on the website for membership review and comments. Comments should be passed onto the group leads or the board. Come the fall meeting there will be a vote at the meeting to approve the revised by-laws.

Specialty group reports

Archery: Mike Capps

  • -Co leads: Mike Capps and David Proctor

  • Membership and facilities in the program are more robust than ever

  • There is a fair amount of loaner equipment, both purchased and donated

  • Two venues: Rodes Farm where all the target covers have been replaced and the Field Range at the end of Old Stoney Creek, which currently has 7 lanes and soon there will be 8.

  • There is a possibility of a co-operative venture with the resort to use the range on the mountain when the weather is hot.

  • A field trip to the Augusta Archers is being planned.

  • Rodes Farm practice will be Tuesdays at 2 PM to start. First practice is April 2nd.

  • The Field range practices will be on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month from 2-4. First practice of the season will be on April 7th; another will be on April 28th at 2 PM.

Biking: Dennis Bryant

  • Co leads: Bob Browne, Dennis Bryant, Sally Bryant

  • Thanks to Bob Browne’s leadership there are 151 interested members on the groups email list.

  • The season opener will be an afternoon ride in Lynchburg on the city’s Blackwater Creek Trails and River Walk Trail.

  • Other outings include: The High Bridge Trail in Farmville, The Greenbrier Trail in Lewisburg, The VA Capital Trail in Richmond, The C&O Canal Trail in Harper’s Ferry and Shepherdstown.

  • As we begin and go through this season we’ll also be accepting member’s ideas for additional rides.

  • The aims of the biking group are: to encourage safe and healthy cycling for members of all ages and abilities; to provide opportunities for members to organize and participate in group rides; and to create another place within the Sporting Club where friendships can form and grow.

Boating: Charles Batchelor

  • Jerry Rendich has left a lot of information on places to go boating.

  • Charles is assuming the lead for the moment but volunteers would be welcomed.

  • The first trip planned is with Rivanna River Guides on May 15th.

  • Bruce Ballentine is willing to invite people to go along when he plans a kayaking trip.

  • Members are urged to bring ideas to meetings or the board or Charles.

  • Please direct any questions or suggestions to Charles.

Fishing: Bruce Henderson

  • Co leads: Bruce Henderson, Ron Cote, Jerry Gress

  • The trout pond was stocked on February 26th, as a joint effort of both the WSC and WPOA, with 250 rainbow trout measuring 14-15 inches.

  • The trout pond is policed so the orange fishing badge must be worn.

  • Conclaves will be organized by Chris Corish on the first Monday of the month (After the meeting it was changed to the 2nd Monday of the month) at 4 PM at Wild Wolf. The first conclave will be held on April 1st at Chris’ house from 4-6. An RSVP is required for this first meeting only.

  • April 7th from 1 to 4 PM at Tuckahoe, Al Simpson will conduct a “Fly casting and how to catch trout” class. Registration is required.

  • In early summer there will be a fly casting for beginners’ class.

  • April 27th is the Bass Fishing Tournament. Meet at Monocan Club House by 3:30 to register. Only artificial bait can be used. Any pond can be fished. At 5:30 the winners of 1st through 3rd will be awarded prizes.

  • Within the next few weeks used Christmas trees will be sunk in the ponds as bass love structure. Volunteers will be needed for this task.

Rifle and Pistol: Jim White

  • Co leads: Ron Cote and Jim White

  • This group is nicknamed “Fair Weather Armed Wimps” as it is very cold at the venues to shoot during the cold temps.

  • Group practices are the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month.

  • The first meeting will be April 15th at 9 AM. Meet in the golf club parking lot. Followed by lunch at Dr. Ho’s when going to the Rivanna range.

  • SAFETY is IMPORTANT. There is a briefing before leaving for the venue.

  • There is a chance of adding structure to the program with the Winchester Challenge.

  • All questions can be directed to Jim.

Shotgun: John Tani

  • Co leads: John Tani and Charlie Schulte

  • Outings are the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month. In November that changes to Fridays.

  • Sporting clays wobble and 5 stands/positions are available

  • At some point there will be a member and significant other shoot at Flying Rabbit with a food truck to provide lunch.

  • Another place is only open on weekends but if sufficient interest the owner is willing to open during the week for the group.

Final words from the president:

  • Thanks to the social committee: Carol Dworin, Jeannie Proctor, Marlene Thacker, Judy Rendich.

  • Thanks to the check-in ladies: Alice Karrh and Dianne Klingerman.

  • Thanks to the hat sale gentlemen: Jerry Gress and Don Klingerman.

  • Thanks to Sharon Gress for donating the flowers on the dessert table.

Meeting adjourned at 5:56 PM. Dinner was catered by 151 BBQ.

Report by Robin Pullen, WSC Secretary