Big carp & lots of trout

Chris Corish reports from Trout Pond:

It has been crazy over the past week. I have hosted a lot of guests at the pond and we saw action on spoons has decreased, but fly fishing much better.   

Pellet fly that caught the carp.

Not much yet on dry fly fishing, but a couple of friends were killing it on stripping line with weighted woolly buggers.  I would say over the last week we caught close to 25 rainbows, all which were returned unharmed. In March overall I would guess our guests and I have caught close to 75 trout. We did not keep any, although the limit was increased last week to two per day per person.

The number of people fishing has increased significantly with the good weather. I saw over a dozen folks fishing the Trout Pond over the weekend as well as several folks fishing Grassy Pond yesterday.

Big news! I finally caught a grass carp!, says Chris Corish. “I had noticed the carp were eating the pellet food the club is feeding on Trout Pond so I cast a pellet fly on Saturday morning (March 30) to a couple of cruising carp and one actually took it. I guessed the carp was 35-40 lbs. It took me almost 30 min to reel in.”