First Trout Pond report of 2019 from Darryl Brewer

Photo from Darryl Brewer

Photo from Darryl Brewer

Darryl Brewer reports on his visit to the Trout Pond and Smallie Pond on Tuesday, February 26th and Thursday, February 28th, where he says he met “several very nice fisherman.”

On Tuesday, after much user error and advice from another fly fisherman, I was able to catch and land two rainbows and lost 4 more.

The other fisherman was nice enough to give me a couple of yellow salmon egg imitations that did the trick. I did wind up losing them by the end of the day.

There was a big pod of trout surfacing for a good two hours at the shallow end of the pond but most were out of reach of my casting ability.

On Thursday, since I didn't have the salmon egg imitations, I attached a small piece of yellow pipe cleaner to a stone fly imitation as I figured the trout were attracted to the color more than the fly itself.  It worked. I was able to land six trout. Also caught quite a few bluegill.

I also visited the Smallie Pond and caught five smallmouth bass using spinning gear. Not bad at all for February!