Boating Outings Scheduled for 2017

Jerry & Judy Rendich, WSC Boating Group Leads
Updated May 15, 2017

Something old... Something new... Something borrowed...

Something old: Yes, we’ll return to some of our old favorites such as Beaver Creek Lake, the Shenandoah, and Mill Creek Reservoir.

Something new: We’ve added some new (or, at least new to WSC) fun boating venues such as Back Bay and First Landing in Virginia Beach, Ragged Mountain Lake, and the Rivanna River.

Something borrowed: What does borrowed have to do with it? The club owns two sit-inside kayaks, a sit-on-top kayak, and a two-person canoe along with paddles and floatation vests. WSC members are welcome to borrow boats from the club for our scheduled outings, or whenever they’re needed. (Rockfish Gap Outfitters on the east side of Waynesboro also rents kayaks.) Email us at

And, don't forget that WSC also has a six-boat trailer. On club outings we’re glad to transport members' boats along with our own. And members are welcome to borrow the club's trailer. You'll need a vehicle with a hitch and electric hookup for the brake lights.

Below is our scheduled outings for the coming season. Plans are subject to change as dictated by weather and water levels. Check your email for updates.

For most WSC outings you should figure on bringing a picnic lunch. Depending on what time of day we’re off the water we often gather for a social hour and group dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Final details are typically emailed about a week prior to each outing. Our outings are scheduled for weekdays in order to avoid crowds, especially during July-August.

In addition to these scheduled trips, impromptu paddles can be announced from time to time whenever we (or you) get the “itch” to be out on the water. Members are invited to contact the group leaders to use our email network to put together an event themselves.

Wednesday, May 24–  Back to one of our favorite venues, Beaver Creek Lake in Crozet. Beaver Creek, of course, is flat water and an easy and fun paddle for all skill levels. Rentals are not available. (Besides the club's loaner boats, Rockfish Gap Outfitters on the east side of Waynesboro rents kayaks.)

• Friday, June 9- A return to the Upper James River with Bruce and Pam Ballentine, paddling from Buchanan to Alpine. "We will eat lunch around noon in that old restaurant in downtown Buchanan and be on the river by say 1:30 pm or so," says Bruce. More information on the Upper James, including where to rent boats and maps, can be found at

• Monday, June 26th – Wednesday, June 28th – Virginia Beach (this will be a two-nighter). We plan to arrive late afternoon on June 26th check in (motel to be determined) and get together for dinner. Tuesday morning we’ll paddle the First Landing State Park area. Wednesday it will be the waters of Back Bay. Boat rentals are available from Wild River Outfitters, but don’t let that name scare you off; the areas we have in mind are sheltered salt water inlets so there will be no serious waves to contend with. Virginia Beach also offers a wide variety of interests and activities.

• Wednesday, July 12th– We’ll head to the Rivanna River, the exact stretch is yet to be determined but figure on a leisurely paddle starting in Charlottesville and ending 6 to 8 miles downriver. The Rivanna is a relatively easy paddle with only class 1.0 whitewater, one can hardly call them “rapids.” We will use the livery services of The Rivanna River Company who can also provide rental boats.

• Thursday, August 10th– We will paddle either the South Fork of the Shenandoah River or perhaps the Upper James River, – the choice will depend on our members' preferences and the water levels at the time. Both rivers have class 1.0 to 2.0 whitewater (stimulating but not particularly difficult) and both consist of an 8 to 10 mile downriver paddle. (About a mile before the take-out there is a field of class 2.0+ roller coaster whitewater on the Shenandoah which is exciting and demands that you keep your boat pointed downriver!) Rentals and livery services are available at either Twin River Outfitters in Buchanan or Shenandoah River Outfitters in Luray.

• Monday, September 11th– Ragged Mountain Natural Area. This lovely area is only a half hour away but it has the beauty of a remote alpine lake. This is flat water of course and a great spot for beginners. Rentals are not available. (Besides the club's loaner boats, Rockfish Gap Outfitters on the east side of Waynesboro rents kayaks.)

• Wednesday, October 18th– We always wind up the boating season with a trip to Mill Creek Reservoir in nearby Loweville because the fall foliage is usually spectacular. Once again, this is a flat water paddle and rentals are not available. (Besides the club's loaner boats, Rockfish Gap Outfitters on the east side of Waynesboro rents kayaks.)

We look forward to sharing the fun with all of you! Email us here if you have questions, suggestions or want to assist. -Jerry and Judy