Appreciating Jerry Rendich

Judy Rendich with the sign Proclaiming the new name of the WSC archery range at Rodes farm, posted in 2018.

Judy Rendich with the sign Proclaiming the new name of the WSC archery range at Rodes farm, posted in 2018.

Jerry Rendich died on December 6, 2017 from complications after a severe fall off of a ladder while working on his home in Stoney Creek on November 18th. He was 84. The family suggests a donation to the Nelson County SPCA can be made in his honor.

Jerry Rendich, along with his wife Judy, created and led the Wintergreen Sporting Club's boating group and was instrumental in creating and leading the WSC's archery group. The couple was also the first group leads of the WSC boating group. Their efforts were vital to bringing in new members almost from the beginning. The WSC would not be what it is today without Jerry's work, wit, and warmth.

"Jerry was instrumental in developing the boating and archery programs," recalls Karl Hess, WSC's first president. "For boating, he organized the trips, acquired and modified what would be the club boat trailer, and spearheaded the first kayaking classes at Lake Monocan.

"Without his leadership and expertise, there would not have been a WSC boating program. He spent an enormous amount of time researching trips and making day arrangements for rentals and after-paddle activities.

"The same can be said for archery. He was a key player in developing both of the two ranges," says Karl. "Jerry built the shooting stations for Rhodes Farm. He spent an enormous amount of time on the field archery range. And he was at almost every archery session, helping newbies learn the sport."

"The carefully thought-out articles on archery and kayaking that he wrote for the club's first website are what first got me excited about working on the club's website and email system," says Charles Batchelor. "I thought, 'This is a fun person who is serious about what he is doing.'"

"Then I met Jerry. He was very welcoming, creative and encouraging. He was always ready to help with whatever project came along. I wasn't surprised to learn Jerry and Judy were former international marketing executives, working with firms such as IBM in the 1990s," Charles notes. "One reason several others and I got involved with archery was so we could hang out more with this sharp, interesting guy. He was an excellent coach."

Much more needs to be said. A remembrance and celebration will be held next summer to help address that but expressing fully how much Jerry Rendich will be missed by his friends, family, and this community will be impossible.