South River Trout Fishing

WSC member and long-time Fly fisherman Allen Simpson provided the following update on the South River Delayed Harvest (DH) area trout fishing:

I returned to the DH section this morning. Water flow has dropped to 250 CFS, down from 600 CFS a few days ago. While wading was ok, the water was still colored, with visibility reduced to 12-18 inches.

There were no significant hatches, so the action was sub-surface. There was a strong preference for “big and meaty.”

Due to our wet spring, there is a bumper crop of gnats, black flies, and mosquitos. Bug repellent kept them from biting, but I had a cloud of bugs buzzing around my head at all times. If you go, DON’T FORGET YOUR BUG REPELLENT!

I also have a website,, on which there are other reports, informative blogs, etc.

-- via Bruce Henderson

DGIF posted on their website on May 28, 2016 that they received reports of numerous trees in the water, between Waynesboro and Grottes, creating a hazard for boaters. Please be alert and cautious.