Two new, nearby river venues

by Jerry Rendich, WSC Boating

Two new, nearby river venues are now open to paddlers! We will work these two spots into our boating plans this season:

The new Waynesboro Water Trail is a short-run (four miles), passing through five small parks right in the city itself. The route has a put-in boat launch ramp in Ridgeview Park (700 So. Magnolia Ave.) and a take-out downstream at Basic Park (1405 Glenicom Rd.). Figure on an relaxing 2-hour paddle with time out for a picnic. There is one easily avoided class II rapid and three gentle class I rapids. Rest rooms are available in both parks. Kayaks can be rented from Rockfish Gap Outfitters. At present, there is no shuttle service so paddlers will need to leave a car at the take-out. Best conditions are when water levels are between 2.75' and 4.0' at the Waynesboro gauge. For detailed information and a handy map of the water trail, click here.

The Rivanna River has long needed a livery service and now it has one. Gabe and Sonya Silver recently opened the Rivanna River Company, located at 1538 E. High St. in Charlottesville (just behind Cosner Bros. Auto Body Shop). This part of the Rivanna is a gentle paddle with a couple of rapids in the class I range and lots of places to tie up your boat and take a dip or picnic on a hot summer day. Despite the fact that the route passes through downtown Charlottesville, the trip is very scenic with a sense of back-country remoteness. For further information: 434-218-2052 or RRC offers rentals and shuttle services. An incredibly detailed river map with interesting historical notations is available from the Rivanna Conservation Society Best conditions on this section of the river are when water levels at the Palmyra gauge are between 2.75' and 4.25'.

Gabe and Sonya Silver

Gabe and Sonya Silver