Minutes of the January 2014 WSC General Meeting

Saturday, January 18, 2014, 3:30-7:30 pm, Tuckahoe Clubhouse

I. 3:30-5:00 pm: Fly-Tying Demonstration, Tommy Lawhorne (Tommy@southriverflyshop.com), South River Fly Shop (www.southriverflyshop.com). The following is the schedule for the fly-tying classes.

Tying Classes:

  • January 25th, 3:00-5:00pm, Beginner level, $30.00/person. All materials/tools provided - Soft Hackle and Foam Beetle
  • February 1st,  3:00-5:00pm, same as above. Patterns are Elk Hair Caddis and Hares Ear Nymph
  • February 8th,  3:00-5:00pm, same as above. Patterns are Crystal Bugger and Caddis larvae
  • February 15th,  3:00-5:00pm,  same as above. Special class on the Tony Alba foam hopper and Squirmy Worm

Special guest Matt Miles will be in the shop on Saturday, February 1st from 9:30am to 3:00pm tying Musky Flies, Smallmouth Poppers and presenting Musky/Striper/Smallmouth fishing on the James River and Staunton River. Tommy will follow up as he schedules further out.

II. 5:00-6:00 pm: Business Meeting
a.Treasurer’s Report
i. Opening Balance October 1, 2013: $418.00
ii. Income received: $100 Donation archery (explain later); $80 new membership dues.
iii.Expenditures since October 1: $60 Fee to resort for archery range; Checks Order; 
Mailbox Rental - $122
iv.Closing Balance: $475.55
v. Still many “members” who have not paid dues. Cut-off date is February 1, 2014; 
removed from WSC mailing list.
vi.Dinners are slightly in red: probably charge $10 even and pre-pay like MHA
b.Secretary’s Report
i. Membership: 69 members prior to Quarterly; added nine paid members at Quarterly for
total of 78 paid members.
ii. Website: Will try to clean up home page so it’s easier to find an “area of interest”.
c. Area of Interest Reports
i. Boating: Richard Elder. Please see web site (Boating Area of Interest) for complete
description of and updates to the WSC 2014 Schedule of Canoe and Kayak Events.
a. May 3 (Saturday Date Pending Confirmation) - The Nelson Downriver Canoe and
Kayak Race. Details will be provided, and participants solicited, in early Spring 2014.
b. May 22 (Tuesday) - Canoe and Kayak Skills & Techniques Clinic hosted at Lake
Monacan. Visit Boating Area of Interest on the web site for more details.
c. May 30 (Saturday) - Canoe & Kayak the James River: Scottsville Section. The
club will host a half-day paddle and float trip down the James River to Scottsville, VA
- a distance of approximately 6 miles. See web site for updates.
d. June 28 (Saturday) - Canoe & Kayak the Piney and Tye Rivers. This will be a half
day trip See web site for updates.
e. July 19 (Saturday) - Canoe & Kayak the Upper James River in the Scenic Blue
Ridge. The club will work with a local outfitter for a spectacular 13-mile canoe trip. 
See web site for updates.
f. August 23 (Saturday) - Canoe & Kayak the Amherst/ Nelson Section of the James
River. The club will wind up its 2014 boating season with a paddle on the section of
the James River between the James River State Park livery and Route 60. See web
site for updates.
g. Questions or inquiries should be directed to the Boating Committee:
i. Richard Elder (elderichard@gmail.com)
ii. Ed Gilliam (edvestor@verizon.net)
iii. Karl Hess (khess4@aol.com)
iv. Susan Solomon (solomosb@verizon.net)
ii. Shooting: Larry Luessen. Please see web site (Shooting Area of Interest) for complete
description of and updates to the WSC 2014 Schedule of Shooting Events.
a. Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS): We’ll be placing the CAS schedule for the
Rivanna Rangers (Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club, RRPC) on the WSC web site. We’ll
plan at least two CAS outings – one in the Spring and one in the Summer – as well
as trips to RRPC to try out CAS guns. POC’s: Larry Luessen (lluessen@verizon.net) 
and Karl Hess (khess4@aol.com).
b. Shotgun Shooting: This is very popular but very site restrictive and dependent.
1) Because of the weather uncertainties the Flying Rabbit outings scheduled for February and March will be cancelled. The next Flying Rabbit outing will be Tuesday, April 8. Stand by for updates by email and on the WSC web site.
2) According to the RRPC web site and newsletter (http://rrpc.
org/newsletters/currentsa.pdf), the sport of trap shooting is taught and coached every Wednesday, November through March, from 12:30 p.m. to sunset. Anyone interested should contact Bill Perrelli (beperrelli@yahoo.com).
3) One of our members, Alice Faintich, has been in contact with a sporting clay school called The Glorious Twelfth, located in Lexington. There’s a British instructor there (Andy) who specializes in working with women, including gun fitting. The WSC sent out an email looking for interested women for a spring shooting date. So far four women from the Club are interested in taking a group lesson in the spring, probably late March or early April.
c. Rifle and Pistol
1) The indoor range at RRPC for pistol and 22-cal rifle shooting is also open to Wintergreen Sporting Club members if they are accompanied by an RRPC member. Bill Perrelli would certainly be happy to post to the membership when he plans to go there and any interested WSC member could accompany him.
2) There are additional opportunities for rifle and pistol shooting. These opportunities include the free shooting range the Forest Service has outside of Staunton and one at the Isaac Walton League south of here. Dave Litchfield has indicated an interest in helping to organize a club trip to the Forest Service rifle and pistol range west of Staunton at some point. The range is free and open to the public. Additionally, Tim Hess (Wintergreen Real Estate) has spoken to one of our members about a potential pistol range we could develop close by. Bill Perrelli and Larry Luessen will also be following up on these opportunities.
d. Archery: POC’s: Bob Keenan (rlk-vlk@cyberwind.net), Elizabeth Upshur (hibou2g@verizon.net), and Karl Hess (khess4@aol.com).
1) There is a new Archery Range at Rodes Farm, just past the swimming pool. 
Thanks to Russell Otis and WPOA as well as the volunteers who contributed physically and financially. Insurance is under the WPOA umbrella.
2) There is a Stoney Creek 3-D Range in the planning stage.
3) A 28-Station Field Archery Range on the mountain
• Review by Kendall Woody (Isaac Walton League Trip)
• Visited Augusta Archery Site
•  WSC is working with Hank Theiss
4) Archery Finances
• Archery Range Cost: Around $450
• Setting up an archery fund for donations: suggested contribution for those who will use the Range: $50.00.
• 3D Range will be expensive
• Need volunteers to maintain the Range.
5) 28-Station Field Archery Range: No cost; we provide some of labor (volunteers)
6) Proposed Archery Activities
• Instruction
• Matches
iii. Fishing: Frank Meade (frank.meade@wellsfargo.com); additional POC’s – John
Tani (jjtanisr@gmail.com), and Mike Fisher (michaelfisherva@aol.com).
a. Fly Fishing Introduction: John Tani
b. Monthly Fly Fishing Trips: Frank Meade (see web site under Fishing Area of Interest).
c. Possible Fishing Expeditions: Bob Keenan, George Toop, Frank Meade
1) Canada: Bob Keenan
2) Belize: El Pescador Lodge: George Toop
3) South Fork Lodge Idaho: Frank Mead
4) South Holston River lodge (TN): Frank Meade
5) The Keys: George Toop
d. Fly-Tying Lessons: Mike Fisher. The Wintergreen Sporting Club will host a four-
week introductory fly-tying course starting in March. The course will consist of four
hands-on, fly-tying sessions to be held at the Lake Monocan Clubhouse at 7pm on
consecutive Monday evenings starting March 3 and concluding March 24. The
classes, approximately 2 hours in length, will be taught by Wintergreen's premier fly-
tyer, Mike Fisher. Check the web site for updates.
e. Fishing Projects
1) Habitat Restoration/Stocking Old Stoney Creek: Bob Keenan
2) Pond Restoration/Stocking
d.Other Business: Next Quarterly Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 19, location to be announced (Lake Monocan currently reserved).
III. 6:00-7:30 pm: WSC Social: Pulled pork barbecue, cole slaw, potato salad, and beans prepared and delivered by Allen Lee, Black Bear Café.

As always, please visit the WSC web site, www.wtgsportingclub.com, for updates on all WSC events and activities.

Submitted by Larry Luessen (lluessen@verizon.net)
WSC Secretary