Minutes of the November 2015 WSC General Meeting


I.        4:00-5:00 PM: Break-out Discussion Groups
a.        Shooting (Shotgun, Pistol) and Archery
b.        Fishing and Boating
II.       5:00-6:00 pm: Business Meeting
a.        Secretary
i. Minutes of May 2015 Meeting reviewed.
ii. Status and cost of WSC web site reviewed. The cost for the Yahoo-affiliated site for three years (July 2013 to July 2016) was a bargain-basement fee of $75.49. Effective July 2016 that 3-year fee will go up to $251.64 – still a good rate. However, web site is bare bones and is limited in what we can do.
iii. Need to continue the two-month Calendar of Events, but need inputs from Area-of-Interest leads.
b.   Treasurer’s Report
i.        Opening Balance: $600
ii.       Total Income: $8025
iii.      Total Expenses: $7105
iv.      Current Balance: $1520
v.       Pond Restoration: Funded, $4900; Cost, $5360
c.       President’s Report
i.        Recognition of New Members (since last May Meeting)
ii.       WPOA Annual Meeting (14 November): WSC will have a table/display.
iii.       Pond Restoration Recap for New Members
1.        Assessment of six of the principal ponds in valley.
2.        Steering Committee has been formed.
3.        Selected one pond to stock with trout. Sometime after the WPOA Annual it will be
stocked wish 200-250 trout. Directions to pond will be sent out to members.
4.        Anglers using the pond must have a WPOA-issued wearable permit to fish and a
system of surveillance will be established. You also need a Virginia fishing license (with
trout stamp). $50 lifetime (stamp included) for seniors.
5.        The other non-trout ponds will be managed for enhanced fishing, but will not be
stocked with new fish at this time.
iv.        Shooting: WSC will participate with Virginia Tech Cooperative to search for a Nelson County location for shooting (shotgun, pistol, rifle, and archery). Focus will be on teaching youngsters.
d.        Interest Area Reports

i.        Boating (Judy Rendich)
1.        Not as much participation as last year.
2.       Maybe too ambitious, too many trips.

ii.       Fishing (John Tani)
1.        Winter: Fly-tying Clinic and Fly Casting instruction.
2.       Have more instructional events (very basic stuff).
3.       Expand mentoring program.
4.       Meet as a group more often (more social).

iii.      Archery (Mike Capp)
1.        Once-a-week practice, improved the stands.
2.        5-acre parcel developed off Old Stoney Creek Rd. Need to hang targets.
3.        Much less participation.

iv.      Shooting (Shotgun and Pistol: Ed Soloman)
1.       Currently shoot at Flying Rabbit.
2.       Trying to have extra guns for beginners.
3.       Some really good shooters in the Club who will help beginners (mentor).
4.       Shooting all year.

e.       Breakout Group Highlights
i.        Archery/Shotgun (Mike Capp)
1.       Weekend activities needed.
2.        Increasing dues (to allow investment in equipment, e.g., bows/arrows, used
3.        More social-only activities to get to know people better, possibly combined with a tournament.
4.        Some aren’t aware of some of the things going on. Make sure we have your
email address.
ii.      Fishing/Boating (John Tani, Mike Fisher)
1.       More events with instruction.
2.      More still-water boating.
3.      Weekend events; overnights.
4.      Offer more educational/instructional events.
5.      Let web site know where fish are biting.
6.      Don’t forget singles, not just couples.
7.       Use guest speakers.
8.       Include family and friends.
9.       Mailing list of each group to allow contact among area-of-interest members.

f.        Other Business
i.        Motion to increase dues from $10.00 to $25.00 per person per year effective 01
February 2016. Passed.
ii.        Increase the number of social events outside the normal semi-annual meetings. 
Established Social Committee (Judy Rendich, Cindy Todd, Larry Sexton, Ron & Mimi Soltau, 
Stu & Pat Harvey, Elliott & Carol Dworin, and Ed & Martha Misker).
iii.        New President: By-laws call for a new President to be elected this year. Area-of-interest leads are tasked to solve this problem by coming up with candidates. During interim, Karl Hess will remain the WSC President.
III.        6:00 pm: Dinner and Chili Cook-off.

Submitted by Larry Luessen (lluessen@verizon.net)
WSC Secretary