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Monocan One Pond

Monican One Pond at WintergreenJPG


Monocan One is a very small and shallow pond which suffers quickly when Wintergreen goes through a drought when the water level may drop significantly. Also, summer vegetation is quite high, which is good and bad for fishing. Good in that the fish like it–especially large Bass. Bad in that the weed build-up makes fishing challenging. While it is not the easiest pond to fish, its limited access and summer vegetation means Monocan One is the home of some large bass.

Access to Monocan One Pond: Monocan One is off Stoney Creek East, on the left just after passing the first home on the left side of the road (211 Stoney Creek East). The best and easiest access is by walking down the asphalt bike and hiking path to the right of the one home and along the right edge of the pond. This is also the best and most practical area to fish from. Park by pulling off Stoney Creek East and parking on the shoulder of the road. The rear of the pond borders on the golf course (it is the first fairway on the Monocan course) so fishermen must be careful not to interfere or disrupt the golfers.

The green lines  here show the path and fishing areas on Monocan one Pond.            See Google Map HERE

The green lines here show the path and fishing areas on Monocan one Pond.         See Google Map HERE



View a map of all Stoney Creek ponds HERE

There are twelve fishable ponds or small lakes located within Wintergreen's Stoney Creek.*

These ponds and lakes are the property of the Wintergreen Property Owners Association. They can be fished by property owners and their accompanied guests using the designated WPOA easements. Some ponds are more easily accessible than others. (See map here for location of all of the ponds.)  

Guidelines for those fishing the ponds include being considerate of homeowners'  landscaping, staying off private docks, and not leaving litter. In short, be a good neighbor.

All Wintergreen ponds are catch and release, with the exception of Trout Pond. A Virginia fishing license is required. Licenses can be purchased online HERE.

Suggestions or updates are welcomed. Email fishing@wtgsportingclub.org.

* Three ponds in Stoney Creek are not listed here. One is Lake Monocan, which is owned by Wintergreen Resort. The other two are small ponds that are impractical for fishing due to their location on the golf course–one near the entrance to Stoney Creek off Route 151 and Monocan Drive, and another pond on the first fairway of the Tuckahoe nine-hole course between Stoney Creek East and Cedar Glen Close.