2018 Archery Picnic Sign-up

Invitation only

Wednesday, October 24th. Starting at 3 pm. Informal tournament begins at 3:30 pm. Dinner at 4:15 pm.

Fried chicken from Ashley’s Market, bottled water, ice, paper plates, cups, wine glasses, eating utensils, and napkins will be provided. Bring your own beverages and $5 a person to pay for the chicken, etc.

Jeanie Proctor has volunteered to again bring her outstanding apple and cream pies. Pat Harvey has said she will contribute her scrumptious potato salad again.

Use the form below to RSVP. Thanks.

Questions? Email charles@addcontext.net

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Name of guest or other person on this reply form
Be as specific as you can, but a general "bread" or "veggies" is ok, too. If you don't know, say that. If you want a suggestion, we can help with that. (Also, you can put anything else we need to know in this space.)
...and five dollars & beverages. *

Photos from last year’s archery picnic at Rodes Farm