The next steps at our trout pond are vital

Sally and her friends need our help now

Donate for the aerator

From John Tani – President, Wintergreen Sporting Club

June 2016

Sally's dead-on (no pun intended) about the low oxygen level in Wintergreen's new trout pond in Stoney Creek.

Below 2 ½ feet, O2 levels are poor. And, as the summer sun warms the water's surface, she'll dive deeper to be cooler and to breathe easier. Being cooler is doable for Sally in the new trout pond now, but breathing needs to be easier. 

This is why the third stage of Wintergreen Sporting Club's pond renewal effort calls for the installation of an aerator to drive more oxygen into the pond. The fourth stage, putting structure (such as old Christmas trees into the pond) will help her living conditions and the ponds purity.

This email is a request to the WSC membership, and the Wintergreen community overall, to come to Sally's aid. Here's the plan:

WSC's partners from Lynchburg University have found the most affordable solar aerator on the market [Donate] that can feed oxygen to the lower part of our pond. The delivered cost of this state-of-the-art equipment is $3,000. It will be installed at no cost by Dr. Shahady's students from Lynchburg College. WPOA has committed $1,000, so our challenge now is to raise $2,000 to see that Sally and her friends get the oxygen they need.

I am reluctant to ask for donations right now. Our community seems to be inundated with donation requests from both outside and within Wintergreen. But the Wintergreen pond restoration effort, which is adding a wonderful amenity to the community, now needs to be completed it as was envisioned. Right now the WSC treasury cannot handle this expense.

If you can help Sally continue to breathe, CLICK HERE.

And, who knows. If we save Sally, maybe she can meet a fish named Sam. And then....? Anything can happen in a pond at night.

Questions or suggestions? Don't hesitate to email me here.

Thanks in advance,