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Free for all Wintergreen property owners, their families, & their guests

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Your Name
The name of the adult participating in this event. (At least one adult must accompany the youths.) If other adults will be attending, please note their names in the Additional Information space at the end of this form.
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Name of the youth participating
If more than one youth is participating, please complete two forms.
For fishing, we welcome children 6 years and up, archery 9 years and up are welcome.
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The Wintergreen Sporting Club volunteers are bringing together some fishing gear that the kids can use. For archery, some youth equipment has been acquired and older children might enjoy the club's standard loaner recurve and compound bows. (If you have special needs, please note at the end of this form.)
(Example: New to this sport so an introduction to the basics would be welcomed; some knowledge but coaching might be helpful; or enjoys the sport already, etc.)
Select fishing, archery or none
Select fishing, archery or none
Select fishing, archery or none
Anything else we need to know? Special needs? If you are bringing more than one child complete another form. (Put the names of any other adults attending here.)

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