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What is field archery?

Outdoor field archers shoot on a walking course – sometimes called a “roving course” – that’s usually wooded. Target distances will vary along the WSC path, sometime about 50 yards, often much less. Targets will be placed among the trees and are usually three-dimensional (rather than a flat bullseye). Targets also vary in their distance from the surface. The new WSC half-mile loop course will offer about a dozen clearly marked stands from which to shoot. Finding a secure foothold at each stand will be more of a challenge than at WSC's archery range at Rodes Farm. 
Care was taken in the design as not to interfere with any hiking trails. None of the targets are in the range of any of the hiking trails in the area. (The WSC archery course starts several hundred yards east of Lower Shamoken trail.) Some signage is already in place to designate the archery field and more will be posted.