Thank you for your interest in this year's WSC Chili Cookoff

It's time for the WSC's great chefs to sign up to cook at the Wintergreen Sporting Club's Annual Great Chili Cookoff. Sign up using the form here.
Prizes and bragging rights for:
Best Overall Chili,
Most Unusual Chili, &
Hottest Chili.

The Chili Cook-off will take place on Saturday, November 5th at the Tuckahoe Clubhouse, following the club's annual meeting starting at 5pm.
This event was great fun last year, with plenty of talented participants. About 15 chili cooking teams are needed. Last year's entrants and newcomers are both encouraged.

Make enough chili to serve at least eight to 10. Bring your own electric crockpot or hot plate. Also, again, volunteers are needed to provide corn breads, side dishes, salsa, salads, or desserts. The club is providing chips and salsa as well as sodas and water. Questions? Contact Carol Dworin.

Tickets can be purchased HERE.

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