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Spring Biking Group Meeting

Who’s Should Come: All members of Wintergreen Sporting Club who've joined our biking group.

Where To Come: Ride your bike (or walk or drive) to Tuckahoe Clubhouse in Stoney Creek. We’ll be meeting in the back, outside under the tent, like last year.

When To Come: We’ll be starting at 12 noon and ending no later than 1:30 p.m.

What to Bring: Your calendar for the months May through October and a pen or pencil, if need be, for markup.

What We’ll Do: We’ll be deciding on, and scheduling, our rides for the coming season. We want to settle on rides and their dates that will appeal to, and work for, most of us.

We very much need your input, so please plan to attend. Kindly RSVP now so we can make adequate preparations. Click here to send your confirmation.

Let’s get rolling!

Biking Group Co-Leads

Bob Browne

Barbara Fenton-Thornsvard

Chuck Thornsvard