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Fish Creel Survey of Three Stoney Creek Ponds; volunteers needed

Re-scheduled for Saturday, June 4th

Email to volunteer or to learn more

In cooperation with the Wintergreen Property Owners Association and Dr. Tom Shahady of Lynchburg College's Department of Environmental Science, this year WSC will be surveying three ponds in Stoney Creek–the Rhodes Valley pond, and two ponds just off Black Walnut Drive (Black Walnut pond and "Lost" Pond)–for a comprehensive ecological analysis.

(An analysis of the ecological health of six of Wintergreen’s ponds within Stoney Creek was performed last year by WSC. Read the Lynchburg College report HERE.)

As before, the first step in the analysis is a creel survey. The first of two creel surveys for these three additional ponds is scheduled for Saturday May 21st from 7:30am-11:30am.

A minimum of nine volunteers (more is better) are needed to fish and report their catches that morning, rotating between the three ponds. 

Additionally, if not more important, we need three non-fishing reporters (one for each pond being surveyed). They will record the fish catch details of the anglers fishing the ponds during the survey and will record the species caught and the length of each fish. 

We will start the day by meeting at the Stoney Creek Bar and Grill parking lot (back row of parking spaces nearest Stoney Creek West) at 7:15am. From there we will dispatch two- or three-person fishing teams to their first pond to catch fish for the survey, rotating the fishing teams every hour to another pond. We will complete our work (fishing) by 11:30am.  

I hope we will get a good number of volunteers from the WSC fishing group, but we're looking for help from the entire WSC membership. This is an important first step as we work to improve the habitat of Wintergreen's ponds and enhance our fishing.

Please volunteer to help if you can. We will send out additional information regarding suggested fishing tackle and the baits to use.