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Archery: SPECIAL EVENT–Community open house at new field archery trail

This free event will have food and drink, equipment to play with, experts to talk with, and a fun tour. RSVP HERE. It's open to the entire Wintergreen community.

After about two years of planning and work by volunteers, and cooperation from WPOA, dozens of pieces have come together to the point where WSC's archery group now offers all club members:

  • Loaner equipment (both recurve and compound bows, arrows, etc.) for beginners to use at regular practice sessions,
  • Regular Tuesday practice sessions (at 9:30am in the summer at Rodes Farm, at 4pm in the spring and fall) with volunteer coaching,
  • A four-target archery range at Rodes Farm,
  • A seven-lane field archery trail at the end of Old Stoney Creek Road,
  • How-to guides on the archery section of the WSC website.

This is more of a strong start than a finish. Coming soon will be club competitions and perhaps formal "do it better" archery instruction.

The new seven-lane field archery loop trail has been designed to have the standard 14 lanes. Several leaders of the archery effort are looking to raise the funds so as to complete the trail.

Details to come. Questions? Email

New field archery trail [map].